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  Desert Campaign in Sinai and Palestine  

This Medallion with WAR BAR attached is to honour those who served during WWI DESERT CAMPAIGN.

The neck ribbon colour on the official medal ribbon for the British War Medal. This medal was awarded to members who served in a theatre of war during the period from 1914 to 1920 covering mine clearance, service in Russia, and those who served on the home front volunteered for service and were not accepted.

If you are ordering descendant medallions we really need you to also CLICK HERE download the form, fill it out and email it to us to let is know about you and your ancestor (the form has provision for more than one descendant).


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A new organisation called the Saluting Monash Council was launched nationally in the Auditorium of the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne on Sunday, 6 November 2016. Chair, The Hon Tim Fischer AC and Patron, Professor Roland Perry OAM F Monash as well as other VIPs will attend the launch.

The purpose of the Saluting Monash Council (SMC) is to have acknowledged the military contribution of General Sir John Monash GCMG KCB VD by posthumously awarding him the rank of Field Marshal by 11 November 2018, the centenary of the end of WWI.

New medallions have been struck to assist financing the campaign and to remember the brilliance of General Sir John Monash. As a brand new organisation, SMC has had no financial assistance and your help is needed. The executive and board of SMC are all volunteers giving their time freely.

The medallions come with a neck ribbon so the medallion and war bar(s) can be worn on appropriate occasions. The reverse side has a space to engrave your message, if desired.

Medallion description

Surround - brown represents the mud of the western front
Ribbon - khaki of the soldiers’ uniforms of WWI

Eligibility: Descendants of WWI veterans and/or people who would like to support the posthumous promotion of Monash to Field Marshal.

On the success of the campaign, you will know that you have helped make Australian history. Wearing the medallion will be a positive indication of your support.

The diagram below shows the medallion with the war bar "Western Front" attached.

Medallions are available for $52.50 and war bars $28.50 incl GST, postage and handling. If the medallion and bar are purchased together, the cost is reduced to $81.00, a saving of $11.00. 

Medallions and bars will be presented when possible with the first presented at the national launch on Sunday, 6 November 2016.

During the major battles of the Western Front, General Monash commanded all troops in the Australian Corps together with Canadians. The medallion and war bar/s should be worn together to acknowledge Monash’s leadership. It was on the Western Front that General Monash excelled thereby saving thousands of lives enabling Australian families to welcome the return of many more soldiers.

British Generals considered the war would drag on to 1919 with Minister Churchill estimating to it continue to 1920. Monash’s strategic wins rattled German military leaders. Monash was told to stop advancing, however he continued with his strategies and by doing so, saved thousands more lives not to mention millions of dollars.

CLICK HERE to follow the progress of the Monash for Field Marshal campaign.


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Reserve Forces Day Council World War 1 Commemorative Medallions

To help commemorate the ANZAC Centenary, the Reserve Forces Day Council has organised for the striking of a series of commemorative medallions. These medallions are designed to be worn by those who have family members who took part in the conflicts; and those who wish to show their support for the soldiers who fought for Australia 100 years ago.

Service clasps can also be ordered with the medallions to indicate where your ancestor served.

To purchase medallions simply download, print, fill-out and send to the address thereon with your payment details.


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Reserve Forces Day Council Boer War Commemorative Medallions WW1 and WW2 Clasps

Suitable medallions have been struck to allow descendants and supporters to honour those who served in this all-but conflict 100 years ago and at the same time assist the fund raising efforts of the National Boer War Memorial Association in its undertaking to have a memorial erected in ANZAC Parade Canberra ACT. The Reserve Forces Day Council is keen to support this initiative and at the same time recognise a War fought in the main by Reservists. Permanent forces were small in number with only a Permanent Force Artillery unit and a number of staff officers and soldiers serving in the war.

The Reserve Forces Day Council’s objective is to "Raise the profile of the Reserve Forces and to thank serving and former members for their service, and their families and employers for their essential support."

Two medallions have been struck - one for descendants and one in memory of those Soldiers who fought in the War. Should the veteran have gone on to serve in World War 1 and/or World War 2, additional clasps can be purchased for your descendant medallion.

The Descendant Medallions are 50mm in diameter and bear the inscription "BOER WAR 1899-1902" bordering the face within a colour infill and a clear cover of epoxy. The central image is of an Australian soldier in a uniform of the era. The attractive medallion is 'gold', appearing as surrounds for the inscription. The neck ribbon is in the colours of the Queen’s official service medal, all enclosed in a presentation pouch. A space on the reverse side of the Medallion provides for a personal message to be engraved at a later time. An example is "Presented to Leslie Perrett Descendant of Tpr Frederick Avard, NSW Lancers who died in combat 10 October 1900". The Medallion may be worn at memorial ceremonies and will become a family keepsake.  It does not matter on which side your ancestor fought, or if the soldier fought in a unit from elsewhere in the then Empire.  The Medallion marks an Australian connection, and shows your support for your ancestor's achievement.

The Descendants' Medallion were presented during a colourful and meaningful ceremony by senior and distinguished VIPs to those descendants in attendance at an appropriate Reserve Forces Day Celebration in 2012.  Please indicate on the order form if you wish to receive the medallion by post or check the box against the presentation location.  Please note that the locations are restricted to those where the Reserve Forces Day Council is able to mount a parade.

Descendants can now order medallions to be mailed out progressively on receipt of orders.

The "In Memory" medallion (oval 50mm high by 40 mm wide) is for those who cannot trace a descendant but wish to commemorate the sacrifice who answered their country's call at the time when it, through the federation of former colonies, became a nation. These will be mailed out progressively on receipt of orders. OR

Should you wish you can have the medallion and/or clasps presented at a Reserve Forces Day Parade. CLICK HERE for the details of Reserve Forces Day parades in your area.

Battlefield History Tours can organise for your medallion/s to be presented in Pretoria should you be a guest on their next tour CLICK HERE for details.

To purchase your medallion/s and clasps simply activate the button to download the appropriate form below, print it, fill it out and post with an Australian cheque or money order to the Reserve Forces Day project officer at the address indicated on the form.


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